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Bernhard J Suess was a freelance photographer from the late 1970s until 2000. He taught college level photography courses for fifteen years. The experience of more than twenty years in photography went into the writing of his first two books.

Mastering B&W Photography book cover
  Mastering Black-and-White Photography:
From Camera to Darkroom

  A basic book about photography in general, with a specific emphasis on black-and-white techniques. The book has been through several printings and has been sold around the world. An excellent guide for someone just getting into the darkroom. The publisher, Skyhorse Publishing, through their imprint Allworth Press, has information on their site.

Creative B&W Photography book cover
Creative Black-and-White Photography:
Advanced Camera and Darkroom Techniques
  A follow-up companion to Mastering Black-and-White Photography, this book explores advanced concepts and techniques. It considers differences between formats, both aesthetic and technical, and looks at several shooting situations in detail. Learn about bleaching, pre-flashing, grain reduction, and other advanced techniques. An updated Suppliers List with links is maintained.
    You may purchase copies of Mastering Black-and-White Photography and Creative Black-and-White Photography directly from Allworth. We're sorry, we do not sell books directly from this site.

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  Bernhard J Suess has also written articles for the New York Institute of Photography's web site, including a series called Back to Black-and-White.